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Should I use light or dark roasted beans?

Ultimately you should use whatever you like best. However, coffee connoisseurs tend to recommend light roasts. A light roast will feature a broader spectrum of flavors than a dark roast, where bitterness is the dominate flavor. Also, contrary to popular belief, light roasts actually have more caffeine than dark roasts.

What is the number one thing I can do to improve my coffee?

Buy a grinder and grind your beans just before you brew them. Doing this alone will put you leaps ahead of the average person. After that, make sure your beans are fresh, preferably bought from a local roaster. If there's no roast date on the bag, it's probably not fresh. Finally, work on your method. Going from a drip machine to a more refined method can make a big difference.

Should I use a single cup brewer?

It depends on why you drink coffee. Do you just want a really fast caffeinated drink in the morning? If so, a single cup brewer might be for you. But as mentioned in the Pour Over guide, the more variables you have control over in the brewing process, the better a cup of coffee you can make. With a single cup brewer you have no control. If quality is what you're after, go with a more manual method.

Should I spend a bunch of money on an espresso machine?

Espresso machines are instruments of awesome power. There's also an enormous gulf in quality between cheap ones and expensive ones - you get what you pay for. Also, be careful before you jump in and buy an expensive machine - when it comes to pulling espresso shots, your machine is only as good as your grinder. Having an expensive espresso machine without a high end grinder to match would be pointless: you need a very fine and consistent grind for espresso.