How much coffee should you use?

The recommended ratio of coffee to water for most brewing methods is 2 tablespoons coffee to 8 ounces of water. Use the calculator and table below to quickly calculate how much of each you will need.

Coffee/Water Ratios for 1 cup

These numbers are a baseline - experiment to find what you enjoy best. Coffee connoisseurs tend to enjoy a higher coffee to water ratio, around 2 tablespoons / 6 ounce cup.

Method Amount of Coffee Amount of Water
ounces grams tablespoons fluid ounces milliliters
Pour Over .38 10.6 2 8 250
AeroPress .38 10.6 2 8 250
French Press .38 10.6 2 8 250
Drip .19 5.3 1 6 175
Cold Brew 1.5 42.5 8 7 1000

It's probably not worth the effort to cold brew 1 cup of coffee. I would recommend a ratio of 6 ounces coffee to 28 ounces of water, which yields about 16 ounces of concentrate, which you can mix 1:1 with water or milk, yielding 32 ounces of drinkable coffee.

Ratio Calculator

Enter a base ratio, and then either the amount of coffee or water you want to use to calculate the other. For example, a base ratio for cold brew could be 6 ounces coffee, 3.5 cups water. If you wanted to know how much water to use for 8 ounces of coffee, enter an 8 in the "Required Coffee" field.

Base Coffee Base Water Required Coffee Required Water